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Past-President Liz Williams:

About Liz:

President-Elect, Liz Wenstrom Williams, has been with Junior League for the past 7 years. Living in Grand Blanc, Liz is the Development Director for The United Way. She enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as going on vacation, reading, decorating, golfing, going out to dinner, and being outdoors. Her favorite color is Slate Gray and her favorite food is shells with pesto and a salad with creamy Romano dressing - she really misses Salvatores! Liz has two kitties, Abby and Riley. 

Why The Junior League?

“I love being part of the diverse and dynamic women who make up the JLF league and strive together to make a difference in the lives of women and children at both a state and community level. It is a great entry-level way to start to give back in different capacities that best fit your lifestyle while also making amazing friendships you may not have otherwise.”

Favorite Junior League Memory?

“My favorite Junior League memory was Kids in the Kitchen- it was amazing being alongside Chef Sean Garland, teaching moms & kids from the YWCA how to prep and make easy, healthy meals. It really tied in the three key components of health, education, and well-being of women and children in our community.”

Communications & Community Chair Jennie Bauder:

About Jennie:

Jennie Bauder has been in the league for the past 7 years. Living in Mundy Township, Jennie is the Executive Director for The LaVigne Home. She loves crafting, gardening, being outdoors, being a horse show mom, the color purple, and her favorite food is barbecue. Jennie has a chocolate lab named Zeus, 2 cats; Hank & Midnight, a rabbit named Lily, and some fish.

Why The Junior League?

“Being a Member of JLF means doing and seeing the good in the community, and the bad and how we can make it better. It also has helped me to gain a whole new set of girlfriends that have become family.”

Favorite Junior League Memory?

"The very first league event I attended was an event where we shopped, prepared, and served a Thanksgiving meal in Flint. It was a lot of fun and I got that giddy feeling of what league was all about."

President Kara Kunkleman:

About Kara:

Kara Kunkleman has been active in Junior League for the past 5 years. Living in Burton, Kara is known as Blondie Jr. (working catering & as the event manager at Blondie’s food and spirits AND director of operations of Blondie’s Best Cheesecake Ever) Kara loves traveling, cooking, baking, and volunteer work. Her favorite color is pink with a newfound love of olive green. Her favorite food - well, it’s hard for her to pick a favorite! Kara is a single cat mom of two purrfect cats, Oliver & OJ

Why Junior League?

“The lifelong friendships I’ve made.”

Favorite Junior League Memory?

“The annual bus tour is always such an incredible and impactful event, it’s definitely one of the top 3 reasons why I joined the league.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair Tarnesa Martin

About Tarnesa:

Tarnesa is a registered nurse, motivational speaker, author, life coach and community advocate that’s passionate about empowering individuals to become healthier and happier version of themselves. 

Why The Junior League?

I joined The Junior League of Flint to be connected with an organization of women that is ”committed” and intentional about promoting voluntarism and improving the well-being of community through serving and leadership with a smile. 

Favorite Junior League Memory? 

 One of my favorites was when we showed up as a JLF family to support the YWCA event.

Treasurer Brandi McMunigal:

About Brandi:

Treasurer, Brandi McMunigal has been in Junior League for 2 years. Currently living in Grand Blanc, Brandi is a High School Teacher and loves to golf, read, travel, spend time with family, cook, new restaurants, listen to live music and work on home improvement projects. Her favorite color is Green and she absolutely loves Mediterranean food and anything from The Laundry. 

Why Junior League?

“It is a great way to get more involved in helping our community as well as make new connections and friends. The group is full of smart, strong, and motivated women who have become great friends!”

Favorite Junior League Memory?

“I really enjoyed the bus trip last year. It was great to see our community partners in person, as well as get a sense of where we can help them the most!”

Fund Development Chair: Erin King:

About Erin:

Communications Chair, Erin King, has been in the league for 4 years. Currently living in Linden, Erin is a retiree from 18 years in Supply Chain Management and is currently a small business owner. She loves to travel, play golf, attend Michigan State Sports events and cheerleading for her kids, as well as seasonal and home decorating, and serving the community. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is sushi. She has two dogs Charlie and Lola.

Why The Junior League?

“Returning to my hometown after living out of state for 18 years left me feeling lonely for the community I had built living in Florida for almost 2 decades. Since I work from home, my social network only consisted of my kids’ friend's parents (which is not bad, I just wanted my own). Junior League has brought so many wonderful friends to my life while having the opportunity to learn about so many great community programs and serve those in need. It’s the best!”

Favorite Junior League Memory?

“There are MANY in only a few short years but most recently, building a shed from nothing (literally a pile of dirt) in a day with Habitat for Humanity. I loved learning new skills while helping a deserving family get a fresh start and a new home. It was so fun and rewarding!”

Secretary Tina Regan:

 About Tina:

Tina Regan has been in the Junior League for 4 years, currently living in Flint. She is a Marketing Communications Specialist and loves reading, sewing and crafting. Tina’s favorite color is red and her favorite food is pizza and has 3 cats!

Why the Junior League? 

“I have found my “tribe” with the League. These ladies I serve with inspire me with the work they are doing in the community.” 

Favorite Junior League Memory?

“Handing out candy at the Whaley Trunk or Treat.”

Leadership Recruitment Chair AnneRenee Stoltman:

About AnneRenee:

AnneRenee Stoltman has been in the league for 3 years and currently lives in Flint. She is a stay-at-home parent (formerly case manager and volunteer coordinator).  AnneRenee loves reading, traveling, and swimming as well as all shades of green! Her favorite food is her great grandma’s macaroni and cheese and she also has a small parrot named Tully! 

Why the Junior League?

“My favorite part of the Junior League is being consistently impressed and inspired by all the other women in the league. We have such kind, welcoming, and powerful members who are committed to making lasting change in our community. Making friends with like-minded women has made a huge impact in my life.”

Favorite Junior League Memory?

“Attending my first SPAC meeting. Listening to the women report on the legislative work they were doing for foster care youth and victims of human trafficking was incredible. This small group of women across the state has made a huge impact on so many people. I’m honored to be joining them and am looking forward to learning more.”

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